Egyptian Cotton Jar Candle

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Love Towels Egyptian Cotton scented candles give a smooth, silky floral scent with notes of rose jasmine and carnations, warmed with a touch of clove. Smell is one of the most evocative of the senses allowing you to create sensory memories that can uplifting your mood and spirit. A great everyday aroma for your home.

The candles are fragranced throughout to ensure the scent lasts, using a concentrated fragrance rather than a carrier oil resulting in a better burning candle.

Create your own little moment of joy with this fresh, clean everyday darling of a candle.

Colour - white

Diameter – 70mm

Height – 84mm

Burn time – approx. 30hrs

*Avilable in a candle and a diffuser - buy both and save

*Please keep away from children and read the instructions for use on the packaging and see T&C’s for more detail

*Bought on its own, this product will not attract the 2 free gifts (laundry care kit designed for towels, bathmats and bathrobes)