Cookie Policy

Love Towels uses data collected by cookies and JavaScript libraries to improve your shopping experience. 

Cookies are small text files that most websites uses. A website places cookies in the web browser and then reads the information collected through the cookies every time the user performs an action. We use cookies. Without enabling this mechanism and this kind of cookies (first-party cookies), we could not provide you with the smooth experience that you expect while you are navigating. 

We use this data for:

  • Functionality – enables enhanced functionality such as videos. If you do not allow these, then some or all of these functions may not work properly
  • Analytics – provide statistical information on site usage, e.g. web analytics so we can improve this website over time
  • Targeting/Advertising – used to create profiles or personalise content to enhance your shopping experience 

To opt out of a category of data collection, go to homepage, bottom right, click manage cookies and save your preferences

We also collect essential information required for the site and any requested services to work such as your IP address and information related to your visit when you browse our store. For example, this might include time-stamp, the last page or product you visited, the indication that you logged in. 

We do that in order to: 

● Remember who you are after you log in so that you do not need to authenticate at each click 

● Monitor if our website is running with the high performance we are dedicated to providing 

● Let you browse between products without having to start back from the home page at each click 

● Remember if you put something in your shopping cart before you decide to checkout 

● Control that your data is processed securely. 

By using this site, you signify your acceptance of this policy. 

Policy last updated: April 2020