Care Guide

Show your towels you care 

Looking after your towels will help you keep that new towel feeling and add years to their lifespan which is great for the environment and your pocket. 

Love Towels recommend giving your new towels a welcome home wash as absorbency improves after every wash.

Time for a dip

  • Always follow the washing instructions on the care label
  • Wash whites with whites to keep them bright
  • Go easy on the detergent 
  • Don’t add bleach
  • Don’t add fabric softener, it clogs  up the cotton loops
  • Try not to overload the washing machine, towels need space to effectively soak
  • Remove your laundry immediately after wash, leaving them too long in a damp space creates bacteria
  • Give your towels a good shake, stretch and pull out borders to retain shape
  • Cut off any loose threads or pulled loops with a pair of scissors, this will not cause any damage


Flannels and hand towels require washing more often as they are used multiple times per day, this will keep them fresh, clean and free from harmful bacteria

Towels, bathmats, adult bathrobes and baby towels are 100% cotton.

Baby bathrobes are 100% polyester - keep away from fire - Do not allow babies to sleep in their robes (follow care labels, still washing whites with white to retain brightness)

Get ready to tumble

  • Always follow the instructions on care label
  • Try not to overload the machine
  • Try to tumble with like colour items, prevents coloured loose fibres getting into your whites
  • Avoid tumbling with items that have zips or hooks which can cause snagging
  • Add tumble dryer balls which help to lift and separate the towels, reducing drying time and static cling
  • Keep the heat low to stop shrinkage from being a problem. 
  • Remove from tumble dryer immediately after drying
  • Give your towels a good shake, stretch and pull out borders to help retain shape
  • Fold and store in a cool dry space


Take care when using bathroom detergents and beauty products as some may cause permanent marking on white towels and bathrobes.

Be aware, all natural fibres will shrink a few percent but washing and drying in excessive heat, for an excessive time will cause more than average shrinkage