What Makes A Good Quality Towel

What Makes A Good Quality Towel

16th Sep 2020

Have you ever experienced towel envy perhaps at a fancy hotel, spa, or seeing a picture in a luxury lifestyle magazine and would like to invest in some luxury towels yourself?

I have bought and sold towels for over 18 years and I am still using ones that I bought all those years ago. I put it down to buying the best quality I could afford, the correct qty for my needs and laundry aftercare.

Not all towels are born equal and it can be difficult to tell which ones are best, most people consider the following as a way to judge quality

  • Fabric- most popular will be 100% cotton, natural fibres, strong and absorbent
  • Feel – most popular will be a soft to skin feel, super absorbency and quick drying
  • Size – most popular sizes are flannels (30cm x 30cm), hand towels (50cm x 100cm), bath towels (70cm x 140cm) and bath sheets (100x 150cm)
  • Price – prices vary depending on where you shop, brand, weight, quality, size, how much you want to pay and how long you want the towels to last

However all of the above is subjective and a matter of personal choice.

The key measure of quality

The key measure of quality is the weight of the towel, measured in GSM (grams per sq. meter), pretty hard for the average individuals to gauge but the store you buy from should be able to advise the weights on sale.

  • 400gsm- standard, lightweight quality
  • 500gsm-average, medium weight quality
  • 600gsm plus-luxury, premium weight quality

The number refers to the thickness of the towel, the higher the number goes up, the heavier and more plush the towel. Some people have a preference for lighter weight towels and they have a place depending on the use e.g. gym, travel, guest space etc. but investing a good quality weight towel ensures a longer lifecycle and limits the need for replacement every couple of years.

Here at Love Towels invest in 700gsm luxury weight towels. We believe a dense, thick, deep pile quality will surpass your expectations offering a soft but durable drying experience and the best lifetime value. Like the finest hotels, we only stock white, a classic colour that matches any décor and can be washed in higher temperatures to kill bacteria.

We know it is tempting to consider buying cheaper, alternative towels with a lower gsm rating but it is not cost effective to do so and you are likely to have to replace more regular over time.

Your towels can really make or break your bathing experience so be kind to your body, yourself and the environment – Buy once, buy right, buy white.

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