How to care for your white towels and bathrobes

How to care for your white towels and bathrobes

10th Jan 2021

Looking after your towels and bathrobes will help you keep that new towel feeling for longer and add years to their lifespan which is great for the environment and your pocket.

Love Towels recommend giving the towels a ‘welcome home wash’ as absorbency improves after each wash.

Time for a dip

  • Always follow the washing instructions on the sewn in care label
  • Wash whites with whites to keep them bright
  • Wash type with type for best results (I keep all my ‘white towelling’ products together in the one wash)
  • Check no coloured fibres/fluff hiding in the rubber seal from previous washes
  • Go easy on the detergent (follow the recommended dosage)
  • Powders contain gentle bleaching agents that keep whites white, gel tabs don’t
  • Don’t add bleach
  • Don’t add fabric softener, it clogs up the loops and over time impacts absorbency – a 5 min tumble dry will fluff and soften your towels
  • Don’t overload the washing machine, towels need space to effectively soak, if too much in the drum, impacts the release of dirty water and can create greying
  • Remove your laundry immediately after wash, leaving them too long in a damp space create bacteria
  • Give your towels a good shake, stretch and pull out borders to retain shape
  • Cut off any loose threads or pulled loops with pair of scissors, this will not cause any damage
  • Flannels and hand towels require washing more often as they are used multiple times per day, this will keep them fresh, clean and free from harmful bacteria


  • Remember to clean your washing machine after each wash
  • If the washers drum barrel gets clogged up with grease or grime it will impact drainage and the dirty water can lie dormant impacting your next wash and create greying
  • Every few months use a washing machine cleaner, run through a hot cycle with no washing in the barrel

Get Ready to Tumble

  • Always follow the instructions on the sewn in care label
  • Try not to overload the machine, it will take longer to dry
  • Try to tumble like for like colour items, this prevents coloured loose fibres getting into your whites, reducing drying time and static cling
  • Avoid tumbling with items that have zips or hooks which can cause snagging
  • Add tumble dryer balls which help to lift and separate the load, reducing drying time and static cling
  • Keep the heat to low to prevent shrinkage particularly with borders
  • Remove from tumble dryer immediately after drying
  • Give your towels a good shake, stretch and pull out borders to help retain shape
  • Fold and store in a cool dry space

Other helpful hints

The age of your washing machine can impact its performance

Take care when using bathroom detergents and beauty products as some may cause permanent marking on white towels and bathrobes.

All natural fibres will naturally shrink a few percent but washing and drying in excessive heat, for an excessive time will cause more.

Note from Love Towels

“All of our products went through substantial laundry trials before going on sale and we were delighted with the results. We hope you understand that suppliers cannot be held responsible for any damage to their products caused by poor laundry care. We hope by sharing the above information and including our ‘little laundry care gifts’ will go a long way to you enjoying your purchase for many years to come.

Margaret Mc Gregor Oliver (founder)