How Often Should You Replace Your Towels

How Often Should You Replace Your Towels

16th Sep 2020

This is a great question with no set answer I am afraid, everyone is motivated by a variety of reasons that make them feel it is time to buy new. 

Let me start off by saying ‘towels never die!’ and I am still using towels that I bought over 20 years ago

However, like everything in your home a good rule of thumb is to take stock every couple of years, retire old towels and buy new and you should feel the difference.

7 main reasons people replace their towels

They lose their colour

They lose their absorbency

They lose their softness

Change of décor

New home purchase

New bathroom purchase

Influenced by trends

6 Top Tips form Love Towels to keep your towels looking new for longer

Buy the right qty of towels for your lifestyle and household -

Buy a neutral, classic colour like white to match any decor -

Buy the best quality you can afford – Love Towels preference is 100% cotton, 700 grams per sq. mtr and ensure a longer lifecycle

Launder with great care -

Use your towels in rotation

Store in dry cool space

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