How Many Towels Should You Own

How Many Towels Should You Own

13th Apr 2020

I am often asked how many towels should you own, it's a great question and I am always tempted to say lots, which would be a typical response from someone who sells towels for a living. Whilst my linen cupboard may be bursting at the seams with stacks of white fluffy towels, the reality is everyone’s needs and motivation differs.

There is no fixed answer to the number of towels you should own as everyone will have their own view, here are some questions that may influence your decision:

7 key questions to consider before deciding on the number that is right for you

  • How many people live in your home
  • How often do you do the laundry
  • How much storage space do you have
  • How many bathrooms do you have
  • How many can you afford
  • Are the towels for use or just for show
  • Are the towels for yourself, for guest or for a gift

As a general rule of thumb, every person in your home should have a minimum of 2 sets of towels each. A typical set consists of 1 flannel, 1 hand towel and 1 bath towel and this allows for a set in use and a set in the laundry. If budget allows, 3 sets per person would be better allowing for a spare set to be kept in the linen cupboard at all times and this will come in handy if you have unexpected guests. I hope this helps give you a better picture of what your personal requirements look like.

Love Towels Top Tips

  • Buy once, buy right, buy white
  • Invest in the best towels you can afford
  • Use them in rotation
  • Wash regular with care 
  • Dry, fluff, fold and store in a dry space

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