Discover the Beauty of White Towels

Discover the Beauty of White Towels

30th Mar 2020

Love Towels is a huge fan of luxury white towels, white bathmats and white bathrobes so much so that’s is what our business is all about. Nothing is more timeless and inviting than a bathroom stacked full of soft, thick fluffy white towels. 100% cotton, 100% cuddle, that’s our perception of white.

Apart from always looking fresh and clean, owning luxury white towels says a lot about you, you love a clam and serene home, you are elegant and sophisticated, you are stylish and just love that 5 Star look created and admired in beautiful boutique hotels all over the world.

Here’s 10 reasons why Love Towels loves white

  • They don’t fade
  • They don’t go out of date
  • They tell you when they need a wash, nowhere for dirt and germs to hide
  • They can be washed on a high temperature
  • They match any décor
  • They can be mixed and matched with other white towels, always having a full set to hand when guests arrive
  • They enable an easy ‘all white’ one load wash
  • They shout out luxury
  • They shout out clean

It's easy to see why Hoteliers use luxury white towels,white is the smart choice and they are easier to look after than you think.

Investing in good quality white towels and good laundry care will ensure your towels giving you years and years of service.

Shop Love Towels and let us deliver thick, white fluffy towels direct to your door, beautifully packed in our Love Towels signature gift box and as a thank you for shopping with us we include two free gifts 'a little bit of laudry love' to help you keep your towels looking new for longer.

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